“Everything I do is built around color. Color influences our mood and well-being and sets things into motion. I love to bring color into the lives of others. With my paintings, drawings and personal color analyses.”



Louise Schoon Color To Move

As a young girl I always loved being busy with drawing and painting. Before I started a professional career as a painter I was thrilled by a personal colorstyle advice. After an educational program I started to give colorstyle advices of my own. I give special attention to the face, because so many things are reflected in it.

So when I later started to paint and give lessons professionally I therefore loved painting portraits. Recently the focus of my creative work however is more on making abstract work.

In my recreative/educational work I gave in addition to painting workshops for adults also with great pleasure painting lessons to young children. Their boundless imagination (based on a clear structure however) has been a major source of inspiration for me.

Finally I like projects that involve making colourful things with groups of children or adults.



My personal work varies from icons to film figures and from chakras to abstract. People and faces have always fascinated me. There is a personal story or ancestry visible in the face. More generally I always try to give an appropriate color and shape to an energy or radiance intuitively.


When people – always after personal contact – commission me for a portrait, I usually don’t agree on a specific style beforehand; this is because I work very intuitively and love seeing what arises in the moment. By working this way, I know how to touch the core of the subject I am painting.

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